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Save the Bathroom Remodeling Bid

Today people are looking to do more with less. As a remodeling contractor you feel the pain in your pocket when you present a bid and see a worried look on a consumer’s face. Yet, with more people moving into the same residence, home improvements or alterations are needed. What if you could beat the competitor and save some of those bids? Perhaps, you just need an alternative cost-saving way to add a bathroom for a lot less than the conventional methods. This is where the Bathroom Anywhere System comes in.

Thetford, a decades long established name in the sanitation industry, has created the Bathroom Anywhere system. Bathroom Anywhere can be easily installed to add a toilet, sink and even a shower. The system is ideal for areas where an in ground sewage ejector or gravity fed waste line is not already pre-plumbed, because it’s powerful pump enables you to tie-in with the sewer line over 150 feet away. Bathroom Anywhere connects into the main wastewater line, saving the time, money and hassle of breaking the floor to install plumbing. And thereby saving you money, and the bid on the contract!

Bathroom Anywhere has had decades of success with tens of thousands in use worldwide. Thetford brings this unique macerating technology to America, where it meets all U.S. standards and codes. Bathroom Anywhere, also carries an industry-leading three-year warranty, has a powerful turbine pump that resists clogs, yet operates quietly. It has a split feature for easy, trouble-free maintenance that can be easily serviced by the customer, so there are not follow up issues for you.

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