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See what everyone is saying about Bathroom Anywhere!

Here’s just a few examples of some of the ways that people have used Bathroom Anywhere, and what they think of it:

Although I had a lot of concerns as to how this would all turn out, putting in a second bathroom has been fantastic and a wonderful advantage. Best of all, you can’t even tell that it isn’t a normal toilet. Sits right on the floor, and looks perfectly normal, no annoying steps, and has a very powerful pump capable of taking on a sink, and shower, toilet. Love it!
Chris T. – Brooklyn, NY

We decided to install the Bathroom Anywhere in a walkout basement to increase our living spaces. We connected to the existing plumbing and installed a new sink vanity with no problem. The unit works well just as advertised. Very pleased with results.
Doug H. – Indianapolis, IN

We had an old upflush system which required the toilet to sit on top of this huge tank that constantly smelled. This new system sits on the floor, with a new shower and sink connected to it. It’s a nice design, easy to clean, makes our bathroom look great. We were able to remove a wall that hid the old system making our basement bathroom much bigger. The pump runs quietly. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an excellent alternative to other upflush systems for their basement bathroom.
Joe S. – Ann Arbor, MI

It’s the perfect solution to adding a basement bathroom without busting up the concrete.
Tim J. – Hamilton, OH

I installed this in the basement. Perfect for the location I wanted it in. I saved the expense of re-doing the whole drain pipe which was cast iron since the pipe was above the floor.
Bob M. – Harrisburg, PA

As a remodeling contractor and the first time installing one, it was pretty straight forward. It will be a part of my portfolio giving me a competitive advantage saving my customers thousands.
Pat B. – Baltimore, MD

Looks much better than the ” raised apparatus” we had before. Works much better than the “raised apparatus” we had before. I wish we did this years ago.
Susan N. – Philadelphia, PA

It is much quieter than I thought it would be when running. We put it behind a new wall with an access door in case we need any service . We are very pleased with the results of our project.
Frank D. – Concord, NH

I put it in my basement with a sink. We will enjoy it for along time.
John M. – Hartford, CT

The Bathroom Anywhere was completely what we expected! What a great way to put together an extra basement bathroom with little work and expense.
Paul A. – Phillipsburg, NJ

We installed Bathroom Anywhere in a converted garage. We hooked up our sink, shower, and toilet to the pump. It installed in no time, and operated smoothly first time. This product does not raise the toilet off of the floor as some of the alternatives I researched. I am glad I did my research and discovered Bathroom Anywhere.
Bill B. – Nashville, TN

I thought that it would be difficult to install but there are not many parts to it. It is very easy and saves from having to put in an ejector, prevents you from breaking your foundation saving a lot of money.
Brian C. – Cincinnati, OH

Great item to keep from having to tear up the floor to install drain lines. This is very good product that I bought after I read all of the good reviews. I agree with all the reviews that like this product.
Chris V. – Phoenixville, PA

Had this system professionally installed in a finished basement with the pump behind the wall for aesthetic reasons. I installed Bathroom Anywhere thinking that it wouldn’t get much use. However, this is the best functioning toilet in the house. I find myself using the shower more often than I anticipated. I have 2 teenage daughters and a wife so I claimed this bathroom as mine. Best investment yet.
John H. – Columbus, OH

Simply wonderful because it prevented me from having break concrete and dig up very rocky soil. This was a very big labor savings for me. Thank you!
Robbie H – Albany, NY

It works like they say it does.
Ed M. – Annapolis, MD

Our basement has been remodeled but did not have a bathroom. It is very popular with our teenagers due to the TV, pool table, comfortable furniture and privacy. With Bathroom Anywhere, we were able to install the bathroom saving thousands. We love it, the kids love it, and many of our neighbors are envious.
Kim T. – Sparta, NJ

Easy to assemble, and solves problem of installing a bathroom 60 feet away from the nearest sewer pipe.
Joe W. – Tallahassee, FL

As a plumber, Bathroom Anywhere was my first macerating toilet installation. It came with easy instructions. Assembly was a breeze. It works extremely well. I will definitely use this again.
Mike P – Richmond, VA

Great product! It is much more cost effective and less time consuming than busting out concrete. Its small sleek design fits right behind the toilet. We love it.
Tom S – Pittsburgh, PA

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