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About the Product

How much will a macerating toilet system save us compared to a product that requires the breaking of a concrete floor?

While that depends on the amount of work and the prevailing price of plumbing where installation occurs, in general it saves between $1,500-3,000.

How quiet is the flush on your up-flushing toilet systems?

It is as quiet—or quieter—than a home toilet. Bathroom Anywhere is the quietest system available.

What is the Bathroom Anywhere discharge capacity?

A maximum of 60 gallons (227 liters) per minute.

Can a washing machine be hooked up to the system?

Yes, if it’s pumped indirectly through a laundry tub.

About the Macerator

Does the macerating system box smell?

No (but be sure the system is vented properly).

Is its macerator pump technology proven?

Its long-standing success in household applications for decades is proven.

What does the macerator pump do?

Its powerful vortex macerator breaks up and liquefies human waste and tissue and pumps it away to the home’s main waste line.

About Installation

How is it that, unlike other systems, you can install the Bathroom Anywhere without breaking concrete?

Traditional household toilets utilize plumbing that relies on gravity to discharge wastewater. Bathroom Anywhere’s powerful macerator pump does not rely on gravity, allowing wastewater to be pumped directly up and into the home’s main waste water line. This also avoids the mess and expense of digging trenches and installing underground plumbing, reservoir tanks and traditional sewage ejector pumps.

Can I install an up-flush toilet system myself?

Yes. It comes with complete instructions so installation is a relatively simple process, making it a favorite for hard-to-solve plumbing repairs. However, because it ties into the home’s main venting and waste lines, we recommend you have general plumbing knowledge, along with experience cutting and fitting pipes. Like any project, it’s important that you have a comfort level before beginning.

How do I know which of the three macerating system installations to use?

The instructions will help you. Before beginning, you will survey the area where the Bathroom Anywhere will be installed. You’ll also must take water and electrical factors in consideration as you “site prep.”

How do I connect, vent and plumb the System?

Always follow local plumbing codes. Depending on the particular installation, you will need various lengths of plumbing lines and elbows that are not provided. Note that the System doesn’t allow for one-way air-admittance valves (a.k.a. “cheater” vents or Studor® vents).

Do I need to install a P-trap with vanities, tubs and showers?

Follow local plumbing codes regarding P-trap requirements. In the case of installing a shower or bathtub, the P-trap height will require you to elevate the platform of the fixture to allow adequate drainage slope into the system. See the Owner’s Manual for details.

About Reliablity & Warranty

What is the lifespan of a macerating toilet system?

We have sold more than 100,000 units. Bathroom Anywhere vastly exceeds the industry standard test (50,000 flushes), enduring 1.3 million flushes without problems, assuring many years of trouble-free use.

What code certifications does the system have?

The entire system is IAPMO (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials) approved to applicable requirements of ASME A112.3.4 and bears the UPC Shield for use in both Canada and the United States.
Additionally, National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) has certified this system to be compliant with the ASME A112.19.2 along with CSA B45.1 and CSA B45.9 standards for household macerating systems. The entire electrical system conforms to UL-778/ CSA C22.2 No 108-01 requirements for household macerating systems.

What is its warranty?

The system has an industry-leading 3-Year Limited Warranty. No competing macerating system has a longer warranty.

Is the warranty intact if I install the System myself?

If installation instructions are followed correctly, yes.

About Cleaning/Maintenance

How do I clean a macerating toilet?

Like your home toilet, clean the Bathroom Anywhere system (and toilet it connects to) with normal household products. Do not use harsh acids and petroleum-based chemicals.

What regular maintenance is involved?

Only regular cleaning – and being sure to put only human waste, toilet tissue and water into the Bathroom Anywhere System.

What shouldn’t go through the pump?

As with all macerator pumps, non-dissolvable items that could create a blockage – i.e. feminine hygiene products, Q Tips®, cigarette butts, baby wipes, toy soldiers, etc. – shouldn’t go into the System.

Should the system be winterized?

The pump should not be allowed to freeze. So, if its environment has the potential to freeze, it should be winterized. (The Owner’s Manual has winterization directions.)

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