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Pool House Commode

The Bathroom Anywhere System is perfect for the extra toilet for the pool house. During those summer months there is a good chance your pool is going to be put to use. No one wants dripping wet people running through their house. This is why the Bathroom Anywhere System is perfect for an extra pool house bathroom.

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Add a Temporary Bathroom?

Adding a new bathroom is a great way to open up space for those who live in your household. The Bathroom Anywhere System can easily be installed virtually anywhere in your home. The system also accommodates a sink and shower to make a complete bathroom.

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Save the Bathroom Remodeling Bid

The Bathroom Anywhere System is perfect for contractors looking to gain an edge on their competitors. Our systems allows contractors to present an alternative cost-saving option that is just as reliable as any other toilet.

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Bathroom Anywhere Split Pump Feature

What makes the Bathroom Anywhere System operate virtually anywhere is the macerating pump. This pump processes all waste from the toilet as efficient as your everyday toilets. Also, the pump’s split feature allows for trouble-free maintenance if it is ever needed.

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Theftford Enters the Home Market with Tecma’s Bathroom Anywhere

Tecma has introduced a breakthrough technology for bathrooms and consumers. The Bathroom Anywhere is a wastewater transfer system can be installed virtually anywhere without breaking concrete.

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Bathroom Anywhere WJR 760 AM Radio Promotion

Thanks to a promotion with WJR Radio, based in Detroit, you can now receive $100 off plus free shipping and handling for the Bathroom Anywhere system. The radio promotion will run from mid-May until June, 2010.

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Thetford Debuts Bathroom Anywhere Website

Now you can purchase Tecma’s Bathroom Anywhere directly online with their new website!

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