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How It Works

Up Flushing Toilet Systems and Macerating Toilet

How Bathroom Anywhere Works

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Unlike traditional household toilet and sink plumbing, Bathroom Anywhere does not rely on gravity to discharge water. Instead, when the toilet is flushed, the powerful macerator pump disintegrates human waste and toilet tissue allowing wastewater to be pumped up directly into the home’s main waste water line. It’s quiet and you don’t have to worry about back-flow issues. This is what makes Bathroom Anywhere both unique and practical. Installing a Bathroom Anywhere system avoids the mess and expense of digging trenches and installing underground plumbing, reservoir tanks and traditional sewage ejector pumps.

Here is what separates it from its challengers:

    • The powerful and clog-resistant centrifugal macerating pump
    • Overheating and circuit protection for safety
    • Proven reliability backed by industry leading warranty
    • Ultra-quiet! Our macerating toilet systems are as quiet or even quieter than a regular home toilet
    • Superior flush performance
    • A unique split design allowing fast and easy access to macerating pump if necessary
    • Strongest pumping performance – up to 28 ft/9 M rise
    • Once installed, there’s no need to disconnect the plumbing or toilet
    • Attractive toilet styling includes soft-close seat & color options
    • NSF and MET Code Certification covering USA & Canada




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