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Bathroom Anywhere System Allows Easy Sink and Shower Combos

Thetford’s Bathroom Anywhere System can connect to a sink and shower, making a full bathroom anywhere a reality. Often households would like to add a full bathroom, but do not have close access to gravity fed sewer lines. The Bathroom Anywhere system is a powerful macerating pump that has three standards inlets: one for a rear discharge toilet, a second inlet for a 1 ½’ sink line and the third inlet will accommodate a standard 2” shower or bathtub inlet.

Capable of pumping wastewater up to 18′ vertically and 150′ horizontally at a rate of 60 gallons a minute, Bathroom Anywhere ties into a home’s main wastewater line. The pump also has a built in backflow prevention mechanism as well as overheating and circuit protection.

The Bathroom Anywhere system is sold with a unique rear discharge toilet and tank in either bone or white to match your décor. The sink and shower would be standard items to be purchased separately.
The macerating pump carries an industry-leading three-year warranty making it a clear choice for the home handyman, as well as professional plumbers and remodeling contractors.
Bathroom Anywhere has had decades of success with more than 100,000 in use worldwide. The system has the NSF C-US certification. The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) has tested the system and certified to be compliant with ASME A119.2.3 and B45.1 standards for household macerating systems for the United States and Canada. NSF certification ensures U.L. electrical compliance to UL 778 standard. The system also complies with the Universal Plumbing Code (UPC).
More information about Bathroom Anywhere can be found at It is also available online at home improvement retailers, and select plumbing distributors.

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