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Bathroom Anywhere Elongated Bowl Feature

Thetford and Tecma, two names known for decades in the sanitation industry, have entered the home market with Bathroom Anywhere. That long history in the industry has led to some key innovations, one of which is the elongated bowl which they have used for the Bathroom Anywhere system. The bowl has a stylish look, that is also functional, providing a full coverage flush and easy cleaning. The added benefit of a slow close seat is unique in that it negates the need to remind folks to put the seat down after use.

Andy Bialorucki, Senior Product Manager for Thetford, notes the reasons for the bowl choice: “Consumers look for comfort and ease of use, therefore with this entrance into the home market, we did not want them to sacrifice that comfort for a system that can be so adaptable to be put anywhere in the home.”

The bowl and tank are both available in either white or bone to match personal decorating style.

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