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Macerating Pump

The Macerator System ties into your home’s existing plumbing lines. When the toilet is flushed, the powerful Vortex-designed macerator quickly and quietly disintegrates waste and pumps it away – up to an 18-foot vertical rise and 150-foot horizontal run!


Here’s how it works:

1. A strong suction draws waste into the unit.

2. A uniquely-molded blade prevents materials from getting clogged.

3. Powerful pump shoots waste up and out in less than three seconds.

The two-piece System allows fast and easy access to the pump, if necessary, without the need to disconnect plumbing lines or fixtures. The Pump Side can be removed, while the Reservoir Tank Side stays connected to the plumbing.


System includes:

  • 120V Macerator Pump
  • .80 HP
  • 60 Gallons per Minute Pump Capacity
  • Integral, anti-siphon backflow protection
  • 6’ Power Cord (Grounded Plug)
  • 3” Inlet for toilet
  • 2” Inlet for shower/bathtub
  • 1.5” Inlet for sink
  • 1.5” Outlet for vent stack
  • 1.25” discharge outlet
  • Installation hardware with clamps
  • Installation instructions

Made in Italy.

Requires/Not included:

  • GFCI electrical outlet
  • Water supply
  • Plumbing fittings and pipes


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