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Bathroom Anywhere WJR 760 AM Radio Promotion

Thanks to a promotion with WJR Radio, based in Detroit, you can now receive $100 off plus free shipping and handling for the Bathroom Anywhere system. The radio promotion will run from mid-May until June, 2010.

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Thetford Debuts Bathroom Anywhere Website

Now you can purchase Tecma’s Bathroom Anywhere directly online with their new website!

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The Macerating System Behind Tecma Bathroom Anywhere

What makes Tecma Bathroom Anywhere capable of being installed anywhere is the macerating system. This system breaks down the waste and paper to more finer substance making it easier to flush. Being that it does not require traditional plumbing methods.

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Benefits of Tecma Bathroom Anywhere Systems

The Tecma Bathroom Anywhere systems are beneficial in multiple ways compared to a traditional system. Whether they are functional, economical, or financial the Tecma Bathroom Anywhere system offers benefits traditional methods can’t.

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Use a Bathroom Anywhere Toilet System to Improve Your Home

The addition of a bathroom can really add value to your home. With harsh economic many people have decided to remain in their original homes, but still need to make changes to accommodate their family’s size or needs. Tecma Bathroom Anywhere has just the solution…

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