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The Ease of a Bathroom Anywhere Solution!

When it comes to home renovations, especially bathroom remodeling, there are a number of important items that must come into play. Is the renovation in line with local city codes? Do you have all the appropriate materials? Fortunately for you, many of these chores can be taken out of the bathroom renovation equation with Bathroom Anywhere.

Bathroom Anywhere is a macerating toilet system that can be installed nearly anywhere in your home and is a less intrusive alternative to standard bathroom remodeling. But what makes our product stand out from the rest? Installing our system doesn’t require the breaking of concrete, which is why they’re extremely economical from a construction standpoint. What we do is integrate the Bathroom Anywhere system with your preexisting plumbing network. Our toilets can pump waste up to an 18-foot vertical rise as well as a 150-foot horizontal distance.

Where can Bathroom Anywhere be used?

In short, anywhere. There are nearly no limitations on where our system can be installed. Have you always wanted a wet bar in your house? Now it’s possible! What about moving the location of your laundry room? With our system, you could put your washing mashing on the second floor if you so desired.

One of the most popular uses for our macerating toilet system is adding a small bathroom to a home’s basement. And because we use your home’s plumbing system, the installation is quick and easy, making everyone’s life easier.

How does Bathroom Anywhere Work?

Our up flush toilet system goes above and beyond standard plumbing. Not only does it get tied into existing plumbing lines, but our macerator and pump disintegrate and dispose of waste quietly, quickly and efficiently. Bathroom Anywhere’s powerful macerator pump will help ensure that your toilet system won’t clog or back up.

Do you have more questions about why Bathroom Anywhere’s toilet system is the right choice for you home? Contact us today or check out our FAQ! Happy flushing, everyone!

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