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The Macerating System Behind Tecma Bathroom Anywhere

Bathroom Anywhere Macerating PumpThe Tecma Bathroom Anywhere system allows you to install a bathroom in any available open space without having to worry about conventional plumbing hookups. This is something you can set up all by yourself. You’re probably wondering though, just how does that work?

The key component to Tecma Bathroom Anywhere that allows you to install a bathroom without conventional plumbing is the macerating system. The macerator is a motorized part located behind the toilet that uses a specifically designed blade to reduce human waste and toilet paper to a more flushable substance.

When the toilet is flushed, the contents then go into the macerator box. Once they reach the box a pressure sensitive device activates the electric motor. The waste and toilet paper is shredded into a liquid substance that is pumped out through the discharge pipe.  The Tecma Bathroom Anywhere is virtually maintenance free and does not require cleaning of the internal box.

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