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Add a Bathroom Anywhere to Give your Teen or Young Adult Space

Need more space for a returning college student or teenager?  The Tecma Bathroom Anywhere wastewater transfer system allows a complete bathroom to be added virtually anywhere without breaking concrete.  Bathroom Anywhere helps an existing room accommodate the changing needs of growing children.

Bathrooms for returning young adults

Due to current economic conditions, some young adults are choosing to remain in the family home, rather than moving out on their own after high school or college.  This can put a strain on family spaces, including the bathroom.  Bathroom Anywhere can be easily installed to add a toilet, sink and even a shower in your home.  The system is ideal for basements and other areas where gravity-reliant plumbing is not fully available.

Bathroom Anywhere has had decades of success with tens of thousands currently in use worldwide.  Thetford brings this unique macerating technology to America, to meet the demand for a home system that can easily be placed in many areas of the home, and is adapted to meet all U.S. standards and codes. Capable of pumping wastewater up to 18′ vertically and 150′ horizontally, Bathroom Anywhere is easy to install in virtually any room in a home.  It ties into the main wastewater line, saving the time, money and hassle of breaking the floor to install plumbing.

Bathroom Anywhere, which carries an industry-leading three-year warranty, has a powerful turbine pump that resists clogs, yet operates quietly. It has a split feature for easy, trouble-free maintenance if ever needed.

Contact Bathroom Anywhere for further information on how you can get started installing an additional bathroom without the hassle of breaking concrete or spending more money than you have to!

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